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… without advertising, social media campaigns, or online sales funnels …
For more than a century, there has been a business building model out there that works like gangbusters when it comes to generating new clients and customers.

… a model that still works today getting new businesses to $10K per month in less than 30 days.
Not because it’s fancy or based on the latest tech breakthrough.

Quite the opposite actually.

More about that in a second…

This is the same model the top business celebrities, consultants, coaches, and gurus are good at, but they never tell you about.

This model works faster, and more consistently than any other method based on all the sexy internet strategies you see every day.

And right now, I’m going to show it to you.

But before I do let me warn you..

This is new - and more importantly DIFFERENT - than much of what you’ve probably heard.
You’re used to hearing things like:

     You need a funnel...

     You need an email list...

     You need a killer offer...


What you really need are new clients and customers.

There are MANY ways to get them.

Most - like the ones I just mentioned - are expensive and time-consuming.

Think about it.

A typical “funnel build” could cost you between five and ten grand.

Then you need traffic which means you’ll need a media buyer - who will likely want a retainer for another two to five thousand - before he or she runs one single ad.

Then there’s ad spend.

Be prepared to spend another two to three hundred per day on that.

When all’s said done you’re in the hole for almost $25,000.

And this is all before you get any clients.

Forget those approaches.
Instead, I’ll Show You How To Get an Influx of New Clients & Customers While Getting Off The Online Advertising Bandwagon...
You’ll ignore funnel building and social media advertising. For a while at least.

Instead, you go straight to where your prospects and leads can’t ignore you.

They can’t scroll past you.

Here’s why this is new, different and more effective than the rest of the BS you’re being told..
A couple of decades ago the internet made finding clients easy and cheap.

This was when all the top marketers… the ones who wrote all the books … the ones who hosted all the seminars … saw the opportunity to sell new high tech internet strategies to hungry, desperate business owners.

And it worked…while things were easy and cheap.

Fast forward to 2022….it’s not easy and cheap anymore.

And based on where we’re headed it’s only gonna get worse..

The method I’m about to share with you will get you from wherever you are now to 10K months every single month, consistently, and it works regardless of what’s going on in the economy, regardless of what niche you’re operating in.

And regardless of how much you’re selling your product or service for.

Honestly, it’s never stopped working.

Now in case this is the first time you've been on one of my trainings and you've never seen me present or speak anywhere …

My name is Suzanne Evans. I launched my business during the 2008 financial crisis and got to seven figures in just over three years. Now I’m the only female business coach to make the INC 500/5000 for five consecutive years in a row. I provide support, consulting, and business development skills to over 30,000 entrepreneurs.

So I see you and what you’re doing right now. I see it every day.

I see you trying your hand at building a marketing funnel.

Or dabbling with paid advertising.

Or trying to stand out as unique online with all kinds of website pages.

You change; you dabble; you shift and you pivot.

You try the latest tactics.

Because that’s what you’re told to do.

Expensive isn’t it?

Time consuming, right?

You need something different if you want to get attention,
if you want to stand out,
if you want to differentiate what it is that you have to offer,
if you want prospects to see why it's better than anything else out there,
why it's better and why it's a wise decision for them to buy.

You need something that’s tried and true, AND different at the same time.

And it’s called the Driven Growth Model.
The Driven Growth Model is currently being used by entrepreneurs all over the world, and it’s working to sell all kinds of products and services… business coaching, financial planning, consulting, event planning, marketing, and dozens of others

So if you’re running a business and you’re not hitting 10k/month yet, I’m convinced that this model is your single best chance at success.

Like it is for Veronique Prins, a business mentor in the Netherlands who grew her business from $1,000 per month to over $133,000 per month.

Or River Nice, a financial planner in Philadelphia who never does less than 10K per month.

And Jean Kuhn, a small business consultant in Naperville, Illinois who was doing less than a thousand dollars per month and is now bringing in over $30K per month.

This will work for you.

Now, the Driven Growth Model

The Driven Growth Model is a three stage process.

There’s a stage for discovery, a stage for getting leads, and a stage for closing contracts.
And today, we’re going to cover all three stages.

I’m going to show you the Driven Growth Model that you can set in motion.

The single marketing strategy that you can use for months and months, bringing in clients consistently no matter how competitive your marketplace, no matter how many people SEEM similar to you and your services, no matter how many “A List” competitors you have.

And I’m going to show you how you get clients as soon as this week.

To Begin With... I Want You To Understand 
the Principle of Specialization, 
But Not the Way You Are Thinking Of It Right Now.

I’m going to show you a new way that’s being adopted by young businesses.

A way that’s working like crazy to make your service or product the perfect solution to your prospect’s pain.

You see, most people, when they think of specialization they think of things like doctors specializing in brain surgery, accountants specializing in forensic accounting.

The specialization I’m talking about doesn’t require years of additional training. In fact, when you use the Driven Growth Model, you reveal that you’re already a specialist in many areas.

Here’s what I mean…
If you’re a financial coach, you help clients with budgeting, credit, debt, and investing.

If you’re a business consultant, you may find revenue leaks, develop business plans, or track projects.

The point is, right now there are dozens of problems you solve for people. Dozens.

So here’s the big picture …

When you use the Driven Growth Model, you can walk right up to an ideal prospect with a particular problem and speak to them in a unique, captivating way.

From there, they understand that you are uniquely qualified to help them with that problem, and they often ask to work with you.

So imagine this.

Somewhere, somehow, you meet the exact kind of person you’d love to work with.

You strike up a casual conversation.

And while you’re talking you discover their pain. Their problem.

The reason you know exactly what to say is because you completed the first phase of the 
Driven Growth Model, the discovery phase.

You ask the right questions and assess their problem.

You diagnose their problem, just like a dentist or a doctor would.

And then you solve their problem with the perfect treatment.

That’s the goal of the discovery phase. Knowing exactly what to say about their problem.

In fact you specialize in it.

You see, the reason it comes to you so quickly and naturally is because you’ve worked it all out in advance.

Now in order to gain this kind of insight into the mind of your prospects, you have to do a couple of things first.

First you FIND one of these big pains in the market, then you make sure it’s tangible. You make sure it’s a problem that people will pay money to get rid of.

There are a few ways to figure this out.

"My personal favorite is to imagine the kind of person I’d love to work with, and then imagining I’m a couple of glasses of wine 
into a conversation with them..."

The facade is down. The truth comes out. What’s their day like? What are they fed up with? What do they believe about themselves and the market?

The idea is to tap into their pain and frustration.

Then it’s a simple matter of making sure that the problems you discover are tangible.

There are other exercises that are helpful as well, but when you’re done you have everything you need to have these conversations.

So that’s the discovery phase.

And now that you know exactly what to say, it’s time to get leads.

Which is why the second phase of the Driven Growth Model is called the LEAD phase.
What I want you to understand is that the reason it’s so easy and fast to get leads is because the message you created in the discovery phase gives you everything you need.

While everyone else is building web pages, hiring virtual assistants, copywriting as they pay for ads…

You talk to people. Face to face.

You already know what to say.

Regardless of whether you are contacting people you already know for referrals, or attending networking meetings, or speaking, it doesn’t matter.

You already know what to say.

You already know how to match one of your specializations with their burning need.

You already know how to come across as their perfect solution.

That’s how you excite your prospects with your message. You book more calls. And you gain confidence with each conversation because your prospects are speaking with you in person.

And the reason they hang on every word you say is because all these things combined give you a very unique captivation factor.

Think about it …

You have what appears to be a casual conversation with your prospect … and somehow …

You have the perfect solution to their problem. You diagnose it, and offer them a treatment right on the spot.

And because you are a specialist, and you’re using the Driven Growth Model, you communicate with YOUR stories … with YOUR experiences … using five special keys.

You’re captivating. You’re a perfect match.
It doesn’t matter where you are … talking one-on-one or a room full of people.

You captivate them with who you are right now!

You captivate them with what you’re already good at right now.

And once you have a rapport with your prospects, it’s time for the third and final stage of the Driven Growth Model, where you close your leads and make sales.
Keep in mind…

In Phase one, you find your ideal customer and create a message.

In Phase two, you use your message and find leads who book calls with you.

So in this third stage all that’s left to do is continue the conversation from the previous two stages and close the deal.

Aside from a couple of administrative tasks like keeping track of your leads, your main concern in this phase is to close the sale using 5 steps. And here they are …

One: Ask your prospect, “what will happen if you don’t stop this pain?”

Two: Then ask, “What would you like to experience instead?”

Three: State, “what I understand is that you want X and what’s preventing you is Y. Am I hearing that right?” and “How much longer are you willing to stay where you’re at.”

Four: Share your ideas and plan with them.

Five: “In listening to everything I’ve said, I have a way that will help you get past X and help you experience Y. Here is what that looks like...”

And those are the three phases of the Driven Growth Model.

The big takeaway here is that when you use this simple three phase approach, and when you bypass the web pages and funnels, and do this instead…

You Get the Largest Quantity of Qualified Leads in the Shortest Amount of Time by Eliminating a Minimum of 4 Months 
Needed To Build Traditional Marketing Funnels Online.

And get this …

The Driven Growth Model works even if you’re new.
It worked for Janet in Burlington, North Carolina when she was a new accounting systems consultant only pulling in 2K per month. Now she’s making $8,500.

As long as you’re good at what you do, and have actually helped a few people with their problem, The Driven Growth Model is something you need to be using right now.

So you get sales immediately. Instead of spending your day writing emails and checking your inbox for the next two weeks, you pick up your phone, call your local BNI, attend tonight's meeting, and close a sale. The first time you do this you feel great, but the third time you do this you set in motion a bullet proof confidence that serves you from now on.

Not only that …

The Driven Growth Model works even if you don’t know where to go or who to talk to.

Because every time you walk into one of these special rooms I mentioned there will be others there who know of more and more rooms like the one you’re in.

As a matter of fact, I have a whole rolodex of networks I’m happy to share with you, which brings me to something special I want to share with you.

By now, you see how and why the Driven Growth Model is so effective at getting your business to 10K each month.

And you understand what makes it so powerful for turning what you’re good at into the kind of income that gives you the time freedom to enjoy your life.

And that’s why today, I want to give you the opportunity to put it to work for you with a unique event called the Captivation Live.

For the Very First Time: 
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"But nothing’s working!”

Yes - that’s because you’ve been missing the Captivation secrets that supercharge the success of everything you do. The key breakthrough happens when you KNOW how to infuse everything you create and offer with your own unique WOW.

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I call this your Captivation Factor. It’s the one thing that changes everything. That makes everything you touch (even what you’re already doing) turn to gold.

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Now I realize you could try to figure this all out on your own.

You could buy another course.
Jump on another tactic “because THIS ONE is hot!”.
Dive back into what you’ve been doing and hope you’ll figure it out.
Plow more money into ads.
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